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Budget coaching for small and mid-sized churches


Ditch Your Stress

Grow Your Budget

Fund Your Mission

Financial stress limits your church's potential by distracting you from what really matters...

Your Church's Mission
Making Disciples
Building Leaders
Executing Vision

Ditch Your Stress

Learn how to build simple systems that eliminate financial stress and let you focus on your church's mission.

grow your budget

Budget size isn't defined by income alone. Learn practical strategies to increase giving AND invest in what actually matters.

fund your mission

Your church's budget has one job... to advance the mission. Learn how to build a budget that works for your mission, not against it.

church plants

Is your church plant struggling financially?
Not sure where to even start?


Financial issues are one of top 3 reasons church plants close their doors.

We can help you build healthy financial systems BEFORE things get out of hand. We can also help fix issues like inconsistent giving, debt, and bad money habits.

Click the button below to start the right way!


Established churches

Are you running on financial fumes?
Stuck at the same giving level?
Losing sleep over debt?

It's time to shake things up!

Whether you need to increase giving, or overhaul your budget, we can help you identify and fix the issues keeping your church from fulfilling its mission.

Click the button below to start thriving again!

Schedule a call

We will take time to get to know each other, discuss your needs, and identify areas that need attention.

build a plan

We will look at your processes and introduce a plan to eliminate financial bottlenecks that are strangling your mission.

your mission

Watch financial stress disappear and start making a bigger impact with a fully funded mission.

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